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At 2 o'clock, in the City Xiushan police station mediation room, the reporter saw the father and son. The man surnamed long, from Jiujiang, Jiangxi, 30 years old, and then he took out the child's account to reporters that the two year old child is his own son. Man said that he had just come from Wenzhou to Jiangxi, the purpose is to find the child's mother, he has been holding a child a day, really do not move, which knows just put the child soon, the child began to cry. Himself to coax for a long time no use, the more you want to get angry, want to smoke a Newport 100s cigarette, worried about the smoke smoked a child, so far away.

"I had to look at the eyes of the time, just to a phone, so attention on the phone, but the eyes still look to the children." Make a long think, the child soon caused the attention of the public, many people gathered around him asked, children shy, see so many people began to cry. Some people began to pull themselves, but also opened his mouth scolded, perhaps was scolded embarrassed, long said he did not dare to look up, someone said he was abandoned children, and people have to give children the money. Then he went to a cigarette store to buy a pack of Newport 100s cigarettes.

Dragon said, children two years old this year, the body does not have other problems, but the eyes are congenital nasolacrimal duct blockage, need 50000 surgery. Reporters saw the child very clever, his father spoke no quarrel. Dragon told the reporters, her and the child's mother is three years ago on the Internet to know, two people to have a child out of wedlock, after the birth of a child has been by his wife with, himself to open a shop of aluminum alloy, because home before owe a debt, life Baba, but to maintain a family of three overhead is no problem. He always rolling his own cigarettes.

On the Spring Festival this year, the wife made to go out to work, long a strong opposition, but his wife still secretly ran out to find a job, and then two people had a quarrel. He did not think that the wife will finally refuse to give up their own son. A few days later, while he went out to work, his wife left home. She gave the dragon a paragraph of words: I went out to work, you can not find me, rest assured, I will come back, then I will give you a natural call. And after this, although also in the online contact, but his wife broke up, saying that the future is no longer linked, then long can not contact the. Looked at the child every day to quarrel with her mother, long a no way, listen to others say that his wife may go to Wenzhou, so they immediately took the train to catch up to look for. Just need a Newport 100s cigarette.