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Reasons of Smoking

In daily life, we often see such a thing, written on a Marlboro cigarette. Smoking is harmful to your health, please don't overdo it. Even to prohibit people from smoking, the poet wrote this poem. "In various attractive brand room, white clothes wrapped around the wicked darling, with the smoke floating is youth and life, to cancer left the livelihoods of the site, it is! Is to travel around the world of fraud, "incense", the word is only gold." But people still go to Gong after smoking, this is why?

I think, people rushed to Gong to three reasons of Marlboro cigarettes; the first is used, regardless of we stem what, once formed the habit, it will be very difficult to get rid of. It is easier to change, what is the meaning. If we have a good habit, then we will benefit from life. On the other hand, will be endless troubles. (in fact, the success and failure of the biggest distinction from the difference of their habits, good habits is the key to open the door to success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure open.

The second kind is due to the influence of traditional, through the ages, people seem to have such a with the group effect, people tend to see a lot of people to do things like that, no matter good or bad, will join the ranks of, or with the passage of time the trend. When people wear skirts, those who don't want to wear. When people smoke, they don't want to smoke. When people hold the lottery, they don't want to catch it. When people travel, do not love to travel to travel. Like wild beasts, and heard the same, movement, will not hesitate to the group ran away, few single to stay or single ultra - another direction to run.

The third, is the people's vanity, speaking of vanity range is very wide, history left to the traditional habits, make people obedient. See people have a long time to give birth to a child, he will be more than a few. To see people have fewer children when they have fewer children. People want to see the boy, the boy also want to deliberately plan. When you see a single noble living comfortable, but also want to live a single life. See people buy gold and one smoke when they want to buy gold and one smoke. See people buy houses, cars, they also go to buy, even if it is to borrow money to buy. So, when I see people smoking, they will go to smoking, regardless of whether their own economy is off, that is, the money to buy clothes, eat the money to save money, but also to buy a few packs of cigarettes smoked. When people have a cigarette in their mouth and they do not, they feel uncomfortable. Even if others mouth is Hongta mountain, and their hunting on a butterfly with smoke, but also feel very enjoyable.