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My Father

Maybe I will once again see the eyes of the father can not conceal disappointment, heartache eyes gave me more than once like a knife. I love my parents, I don't want them. So I quietly put the heart of the helpless and negative hidden away, to continue as they chosen my direction, with my melancholy and their expectations, the head cannot return to the road. My father doesn’t smoke Newport cigarettes, but special circumstances will occasionally light one. It is not difficult to imagine, the number of special circumstances, father smoking is proportional to the number of my exam is even equal. See, if my father only four times within a year of pumping smoke parliament cigarette, it is because this year I got four to try.

Once, I steal the results. When I told the parents carefully test scores, parents see the joy on the face look, my heart good happy. I confess to the class teacher all this time already began to cry. I have to do so, because my father seems to have found a problem, warned me he will want to know about my grades at school. But I'm still not acknowledged, but came to her. I'm afraid, not afraid of father severely reprimanded, but afraid to see him disappointed look again. The teacher stroked my head and kindly tell me the score he lent me, but next time I must give him a really good. My father still did not go to school, I think maybe he is afraid of losing the rare happiness discovered the truth, he believed his son did not deceive him. And I'm not happy, but in any case.

But in the end I still failed to live up to them. I can't also a good result to my teacher, and the father is eventually picked up the Newport cigarette, let the smoke smell in every corner of the gloomy apartment. Mother has some cough, and I still sit very steady, stared at the ash on the ground. I finally decided to break the silence, and a houseful of smoke to smoke, I desire is stronger, so I'll say a sentence makes his father absolutely unexpected: "Dad, I want to smoke a cigarette." After saying I did not dare to see his father, but I can imagine his face stunned expression, I don't know the expression then will change into understanding or helpless. Just remember in the finish after a few seconds father still did not speak, mother hesitated to say and don't know what to say what, so I took a cigarette went dark balcony on the mouth to suck up. Remember that night the wind so cold, I actually had the kind of impulse suddenly to jump, imagine that glide, the wind whistling in the ears and feeling. I have a pleasant. I still did not do so, because I do not have the courage, not afraid of death, but not afraid of losing me. I lost. But they know what they are doing is to bend over backwards send their children to the cliff.