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I Love Smoking Girl

Out of the window, all the people rushed to Lu, everyone seems to know your direction. And in front of the smoking woman looked pale, cold heart, her figure is like a tower on the window flower. Footsteps crisp, all eyes are stopped breathing. Back, like a charming cloud so much wind to stop singing. A gentleman like man sitting opposite her, his voice, little and light, "this is the divorce agreement, you see, if there is no objection, sign! Tomorrow we'll go away." But the woman didn't say what, she even didn't even look up on the sand, rustling and signed. "Well, I have to do something, then I go."

After he left, she stubbed out the cigarette butts, and a point. I thought she is don't cry woman, but later I found in her eyes but a hint of damp glistening. Cigarettes were quietly burning. Antique tea house low room with light music. I have finally come, we warmly greeted, and then sat down, then a waiter asked us to drink what tea. Over tea, I and oblique looked at her, she slowly moved to move body, want to stand up, look, cigarette and a cigarette end, and sat down again, point, match lit the dark corner, face is still deep depression on the traces.

Perhaps the people's voice is too noisy, too miscellaneous, make her feel uneasy. She is not a last cigarette smoked, went away, pace is very light, light like a cat, and then disappeared in the December cold wind, no trace. Unconsciously I fell in love with a girl who love smoking. In contact with her, I can't find my sad tears, can not see the sad face, but do not see the kind of ignorance ignorant woman, smoke gave her a special beauty. She held the smoke, shows a strong in beauty, with joy leisurely, shining elegant temperament. Sometimes I think the smoking woman may be beautiful. A man likes a woman, beautiful appearance, but elegant, beautiful woman smoking will to men or even women a dust plume flower lane of feeling. Take place words is "spy woman", since then I have some aversion to smoking women.

I asked my friends, how to see a woman smoking, many girls say, they are not opposed to women smoking, even really admire their courage, tobacco is not only man's patent. But more important is the only independent and self respecting woman smoking will be envied, especially homosexual. One of my friends, to the most fashionable words, is an awesome woman. She thought is profound, insightful, but whenever she leaned when smoking in the dormitory on the stairs, you'll never find the slightest inspiration, can only say that the decadent. The young people may really be confused, no spiritual home, so addicted to tobacco.