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I like smoking

Originally, grandfather to go the next day, the mother forced back grief, go grab ballot house. She did not catch - it means we are in a right Spring Festival, will be displaced. Of course, the mother was not attend the New Year there is no place to live. When she went out, accidentally fell, broken hand. Wrapped in plaster mother, standing in front of the ruins, snow swirling, mother messy hair, no shine, his tears are condensed into frost, her gaunt face even more pale, all of a sudden, she was old full old. My aunt's house in the evening overnight. I toss and turn all night insomnia. During that time, I put myself completely over to philosophy. Sleepless night, I started reading philosophy. In philosophy, I really forgot the suffering of secular life, only that moment I was sad not to be washed away.

Grandfather vigil for the night, I asked the uncle asked for a cigarette. Damn hard to draw. After the grandfather sent away, I returned to school, preparing for the final exam. Misery followed, I even rose to the height of supreme metaphysical, I even use my own experience to prove this is the pain of life - I found that I was rejected in love. I was spinning my mind, Xu Yujian I would have calculated all the probabilities, but I like walking into a maze with no exit, I was completely confused. I am trying to find the meaning of life - I hope to find even a little bit of sense to support me alive, even a little, I will be desperate to seize this root meaning of the straw. May, I did not find any sense. I like buy Newport and Marlboro cigarettes online. All significance are already collapsed, suffering, has no meaning. She and another classmate boys better. To love, I can not see the kingdom grandfather Most side, I saw only the pale body. Snow, mother bandaged arm fractures, standing in the ruins of the old house is still in front of the scene kept flashing. Spring has come, but we are like family activities. I want to cry, that moment I really want to cry. I almost started to cry, he sent a little, tears in his eyes already, about to pour down - until, a friend handed me a Newport or Marlboro cigarette.

To severe smoke, to smoke all the sad tears into a smoke camouflage. That cigarette smoke is not so difficult, though still choking, I coughed several times, but obviously a lot of calm. Since then, I can always find peace in cigarettes. Before falling asleep every night, I used to be the city's night scene in the window lookout point on a cigarette. I contracted addiction to a carton of cigarettes.